Dutch Cycling

The Netherlands have the highest bicycle use in the western world. Actually, there are more bikes than people here. Many wonder why. In a series of posts, I'm trying to shed a light on it. My approach is a critical scientific one. So, apart from giving the information, I also analyse typical mistakes in data interpretation or some good old tricks in data presentation. Of course, as I'm presenting and interpreting as well, I could run into the same pitfalls...but at least, it will be unintended, as I'm having no commercial or political interest.

The set-up is as follows (the series is not yet completed):

1- Physical Geography, fixed
The breeding grounds of Dutch cycling
Further explained: Geography and the human body

2- Social Geography, hard to influence, slowly changing
Welcome to Lilliput country

3- Social, Cultural, Economical and Commercial  Factors,  influence possible, quickly changing
Dutch (student) Cycling Culture
Cycling and daily shoppings: a chicken and egg
Dutch railways and cycling: a happy marriage
Dutch city bikes, a total rip-off

4- Planology and Politcal Factors, influence possible, changing
Cyclist lobbyism will not be successful outside The Netherlands

5- The Road Safety Myth
6- Scientific Reports
7- Personal Experiences
8- Summary of the Model
9- Outlook, Possibilities of Cycling Technology

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